The Iron Art Gallery is dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of works created by Metal Artist Ralph Waters of Iron Works, Inc, located in Sparr, FL.


Metal Artist Ralph Waters, born a 3rd generation iron worker, began welding at the early age of 15. Harley "Pappy" Waters, Ralph's father, taught him the trade and they worked together on many industrial welding jobs through out South Florida and surrounding islands and areas. Later Pappy came to settle in the small town of Sparr, FL. Joined by Ralph they opened Iron Works, Inc. Pappy eventually retired, not because he wanted to, health and age helped him make that decision, leaving Ralph to run the company. Ralph continued to work in the construction field erecting several high-rise buildings and other fabrication jobs.

Ralph had been interested in creating art, having created some decorative and ornamental pieces for commission or gifts. Pappy though, had always made it clear that there was no time or material to be doing things of the sort. In the late 1990's Ralph embarked on a new journey in life and decided to retire from the construction industry. With free reign of his shop and new found free time, although the shop is still open for repairs and other small jobs, Ralph is able to tap into an area of his mind that he had never had time to explore before.